Why Social Media Ads?

With so much content out there, it’s easy for your company to become invisible. Social Media Ads are a way of making your company, product or service visible to relevant audiences, by targeting them based on their interests. Moreover, social media ads offer extended flexibility in terms of the user click actions, for example a buy now, book a table or apply now button.

Our Process

Here's how we do Social Media Ads.

Social Media Ads
  1. 1
    Define Objectives

    You likely know exactly what you want. If that's the case, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, we can help you form your social media advertising objectives.

  2. 2
    Target Audience

    We'll help you find your target audience based on your product category as well as user demographics.

  3. 3
    Content Creation

    Once your target audiaence has been defined, we will help you create your content, both visual and textual.

  4. 4
    Plan & Forecast

    We will provide you with a forecast for your social media campaign performance.

  5. 5
    Execute & Report

    Happy with the proposal? As soon as you sign the contract, we will execute your campaign and regularly provide you with performance reports.

Most Common Social Networks

Social media adverts are most common with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Where required, we support Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and others as well.


Best for location and interest based targeting.


Best for affiliate and influencer marketing.


Best for B2B networking.

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